We finally got through to eBay last night after, I think, an hour and a half wait on the phone. The lovely girl (who did not at all sound like she was from India, not that anything is wrong with that) cheerfully boosted the number of our listings to the maximum she could do, which means that we will have plenty to keep us busy for the next few weeks. I love how when you call eBay customer service they tend to point out all the wonderful things you are doing (oh my, you have 100% feedback and that is really very high!) as well as lightly touching on some of the things they know you need improving on (and how long do you list your handling time to be??)… it’s all very positive, I get the feeling the people they have working the phones have undergone some massive customer service/ correctness training. I wish it were as easy to deal with all people.

This being the course, we went out first thing today and began hunting for some more choice inventory. Our usual thrift store haunts are pretty picked over, I’m assuming from the president’s day sales over the weekend. We did find a few things that made the trip worthwhile.

because everyone needs one of these
because everyone needs one of these

While we were standing in line to check out there was a woman who was behaving very nervously. It turned out that she had switched the tags on her items, from tags that were regular price to tags that were supposed to be half price that day. Wow! She had tons of bras, how much do they charge for second hand bras?? Apparently enough to warrant the semi-thieving of. All I could think was : Gypsy Level 100.

On a more heartening note, I believe that I found my wedding dress today. 🙂 I am engaged to be married, and I did not anticipate finding a dress that would fit me like a glove for, well, it was so cheap that I won’t tell you because I don’t want to ruin it. An honest to goodness wedding dress, brand new, with tags and all! I am so happy. But honestly, having major anxiety attacks, because, GULP, oh yeah, I’M GETTING MARRIED!

Pics to come. It fits me so well I must show it off!


Highs and Lows; Manic and Depressive? It Depends on Your Paradigm I Imagine…

It all began on Tuesday.

After feeling rather accomplished having shipped out probably 20 or more sold eBay items, my sweetheart and I decided to go let off a little steam.

We considered several winter time activities. Unfortunately the indoor skating rinks, both ice and roller, are all closed on Tuesday for some reason, so we ended up checking out a new-to-us arcade in located in hipster central.

This place was awesome. The games are all old school ones that I actually played growing up and we played a fair amount of rounds for $5.00 (each game is only 25 cents) … unlike the whole Dave and Buster’s experience, I am a little too ashamed to admit to you what I end up spending at that place each time I go.



The best was watching my sweetheart play the AC/DC pinball. He’s the kind of guy who pays no mind to rules, so of course he was shaking all hell out of the thing, which I haven’t really seen people actually do as much as I have seen signs telling you not to. I enjoyed listening to the hell raising tunes, being buzzed on a very hoppy IPA, (they had a great beer selection) and watching my honey manhandle that machine. I felt like the rest of our gang was going to come walking up in matching nylon button up jackets that say “The Shakers” or something equally as lame.

It was a fun night, and great to be out of the house. The only bad thing about a night of drinking is the awful depressing hangover the next day. I haven’t felt particularly motivated, I am maxed out on eBay listings, and I really don’t have much else to do aside from eat and watch TV. We have called eBay several times to increase our limits. The wait times the past few days have been outrageous. Currently we are sucking it up and just to trying to wait the hour and a half… I am listening to the little prerecorded phone messages in the background as I type.

I have manged however (in all of my couch surfing over the past two days) to very nearly finish Great Expectations. I am loving this book. It’s better than any soap opera. I wonder which Dickens I will read next?

Bullies, Shrimp, and Short Stories

grapes alabaster 013

The “holiday” weekend has come and gone (yay!) and while I am glad that I got out of the apartment and spent some time doing something I love, I do wish it had been a bit more lucrative. Oh well. Was it the weather? The economy? Why waste my brain power. Moving on.

That place I get the hot dogs and shrimp is called Red Hot Ranch.

If you are ever in the area, it’s totally worth your time. Especially if it’s late at night. And if you are so tired of tacos that one more might send you into a deep irreversible depression.

Other things that cause depression: bullies. Yeah, I know, is that even something I should be complaining about as a grown person. Maybe not. I don’t think it’s fair for a few people to terrorize an entire organization to the point where they have to go out and find new jobs, especially in an economy where it’s tough enough to lay your hands on a job you hate, much less one that is decent. I found this great website :  . It helped me gain some understanding and also helped me to see what my options are. Unfortunately in this society that amounts to not much. Awareness is the first step.

Tonight I went to bed too early. I have so much to do in the morning with my eBay hustle,  I decided to hit the hay as soon as I felt tired and hopefully get lots of shut eye and wake up bright and early Monday morning. This must have been at about 8:30 pm, because I woke up at about 11:30 pm, bright eyed and ready to go. I watched TV for awhile, tried to sleep again, and at about 2 am gave up. So I decided that maybe I want to be creative and started work on my short story.

I love to write, and I hate it at the same time. Inevitably I feel bored with myself, and whatever I am writing turns into self absorbed autobiographical drivel. Blech.

If only I could retain interest in something long enough to actually finish it.


corey 2 001

Last night was a fun night at work, despite having to work on a “holiday”. I wished the patrons all a Happy Valentine’s and no problems were had. I got paired with one of my favorite coworkers for the evening, and all was copacetic.

On the way home I stopped and picked up dinner and beers to bring home and share with my sweetheart. There is this great hot dog place that sells only hot dogs, fries, and the most delicious batter fried shrimp. No really: it’s amazing. The hot dogs only come with a choice of mustard, onions, relish, and or sport peppers. They fry up fresh cut potatoes and pile them right on top and then wrap the whole thing up in paper.

… more on this later. I spent the evening after work reading about bullies in the workplace. Which is something I want to express my feeling about as well.

Chilly morning, February Hustle, Happy Valentine

trains and corey 033

It’s a cold wet kind of day here in the city. I return to a faithful old job today, one that I hate but only after I sufficiently burn myself out on it. Reason being for my return the holiday of course. I’ll let you know it’s customer service, based on people going out and having a good time. It’s more above board than probably half of my other money making strategies. I’m going to have to spend the next four days (nights?) standing out in the cold, but I welcome the time out of the apartment.

EBay has proven to be a great way to keep us from starving during the extremely hard January time. No one wants to go out and spend money in January, and I’ve gotten too heavy (and frankly to old) to keep cycling through my old haunts. If you can stomach dealing with dreadfully uptight people. I don’t know if you have ever had the pleasure of using eBay, but basically the sellers live in mortal fear of “negative feedback”. It’s pretty easy for this to happen, all a buyer has to do is decide that you have done something inappropriate and with the click of a button you have a negative mark.  Of course sellers are allowed no such privileges, basically we are told we have to buck up and take it. We aren’t allowed to leave “negative feedback” in exchange for the same. It’s really unfair if you ask me.

As I poke around the thrift stores, I kind of laugh at myself, thinking that here I am, this is what I do. I turn over ceramics for a small profit. It’s modest at least. And safe.