Chilly morning, February Hustle, Happy Valentine

trains and corey 033

It’s a cold wet kind of day here in the city. I return to a faithful old job today, one that I hate but only after I sufficiently burn myself out on it. Reason being for my return the holiday of course. I’ll let you know it’s customer service, based on people going out and having a good time. It’s more above board than probably half of my other money making strategies. I’m going to have to spend the next four days (nights?) standing out in the cold, but I welcome the time out of the apartment.

EBay has proven to be a great way to keep us from starving during the extremely hard January time. No one wants to go out and spend money in January, and I’ve gotten too heavy (and frankly to old) to keep cycling through my old haunts. If you can stomach dealing with dreadfully uptight people. I don’t know if you have ever had the pleasure of using eBay, but basically the sellers live in mortal fear of “negative feedback”. It’s pretty easy for this to happen, all a buyer has to do is decide that you have done something inappropriate and with the click of a button you have a negative mark.  Of course sellers are allowed no such privileges, basically we are told we have to buck up and take it. We aren’t allowed to leave “negative feedback” in exchange for the same. It’s really unfair if you ask me.

As I poke around the thrift stores, I kind of laugh at myself, thinking that here I am, this is what I do. I turn over ceramics for a small profit. It’s modest at least. And safe.


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