Highs and Lows; Manic and Depressive? It Depends on Your Paradigm I Imagine…

It all began on Tuesday.

After feeling rather accomplished having shipped out probably 20 or more sold eBay items, my sweetheart and I decided to go let off a little steam.

We considered several winter time activities. Unfortunately the indoor skating rinks, both ice and roller, are all closed on Tuesday for some reason, so we ended up checking out a new-to-us arcade in located in hipster central.


This place was awesome. The games are all old school ones that I actually played growing up and we played a fair amount of rounds for $5.00 (each game is only 25 cents) … unlike the whole Dave and Buster’s experience, I am a little too ashamed to admit to you what I end up spending at that place each time I go.



The best was watching my sweetheart play the AC/DC pinball. He’s the kind of guy who pays no mind to rules, so of course he was shaking all hell out of the thing, which I haven’t really seen people actually do as much as I have seen signs telling you not to. I enjoyed listening to the hell raising tunes, being buzzed on a very hoppy IPA, (they had a great beer selection) and watching my honey manhandle that machine. I felt like the rest of our gang was going to come walking up in matching nylon button up jackets that say “The Shakers” or something equally as lame.

It was a fun night, and great to be out of the house. The only bad thing about a night of drinking is the awful depressing hangover the next day. I haven’t felt particularly motivated, I am maxed out on eBay listings, and I really don’t have much else to do aside from eat and watch TV. We have called eBay several times to increase our limits. The wait times the past few days have been outrageous. Currently we are sucking it up and just to trying to wait the hour and a half… I am listening to the little prerecorded phone messages in the background as I type.

I have manged however (in all of my couch surfing over the past two days) to very nearly finish Great Expectations. I am loving this book. It’s better than any soap opera. I wonder which Dickens I will read next?


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