We finally got through to eBay last night after, I think, an hour and a half wait on the phone. The lovely girl (who did not at all sound like she was from India, not that anything is wrong with that) cheerfully boosted the number of our listings to the maximum she could do, which means that we will have plenty to keep us busy for the next few weeks. I love how when you call eBay customer service they tend to point out all the wonderful things you are doing (oh my, you have 100% feedback and that is really very high!) as well as lightly touching on some of the things they know you need improving on (and how long do you list your handling time to be??)… it’s all very positive, I get the feeling the people they have working the phones have undergone some massive customer service/ correctness training. I wish it were as easy to deal with all people.

This being the course, we went out first thing today and began hunting for some more choice inventory. Our usual thrift store haunts are pretty picked over, I’m assuming from the president’s day sales over the weekend. We did find a few things that made the trip worthwhile.

because everyone needs one of these
because everyone needs one of these

While we were standing in line to check out there was a woman who was behaving very nervously. It turned out that she had switched the tags on her items, from tags that were regular price to tags that were supposed to be half price that day. Wow! She had tons of bras, how much do they charge for second hand bras?? Apparently enough to warrant the semi-thieving of. All I could think was : Gypsy Level 100.

On a more heartening note, I believe that I found my wedding dress today. 🙂 I am engaged to be married, and I did not anticipate finding a dress that would fit me like a glove for, well, it was so cheap that I won’t tell you because I don’t want to ruin it. An honest to goodness wedding dress, brand new, with tags and all! I am so happy. But honestly, having major anxiety attacks, because, GULP, oh yeah, I’M GETTING MARRIED!

Pics to come. It fits me so well I must show it off!


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