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Venting is a very important exercise. There is a fine line between venting and gossip. Gossip is harmful and indiscriminate. To really vent, I think, requires a careful choice in the receiver of your rant. It also seems to require a certain amount of control. A vent, it seems, needs to be more about you and less about the problem(s) other the other people (persons) are giving you.

From the ever useful urban dictionary:

1. Venting

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Talking is coping mechanism that allows a person to rationalize and validate their own fears, concerns ,worries, dreams and hopes. If we are not allowed to vent , we end up bottling up our emotions which is detrimental to the human psyche and can end up suffering from it’s side effects. Such as Ulcers, depression , high blood pressure, anxiety migraines, fatigue..the list goes on and on. So when you find yourself in the position of being the receiver of someones griping moaning bitching realize that not always is advice warranted but more or less you have become the outlet for someones Physical and Psychological health.
She was purely venting, so don’t take what she said personal

I think sometimes people get carried away and start “venting” too much. That’s when it becomes bitching, moaning, groaning, gossiping, etc. I think for a rant to really be a vent, some pressure has to be built up, it can’t be the same old gripe.

So, here’s to venting. And to being an adult and getting on with it afterward!


Undecided, Indecisions

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I have some options here.

I can stay at my job in the factory, probably very slowly work my way up into a decent salary, benefits, etc.

I will have insurance and money to travel with, and vacation days to take.

My ducks will be in a row. My life will be planned out. I will be stable.


I can take the money I have now and use it to move somewhere else, somewhere the culture is more stimulating,

I can find a more fun, more exciting job,

and eventually I can become a bartender in the Florida Keys. 😀

Hey, one can always dream, right?

You are supposed to work hard first and then get your reward, but I don’t see the point of letting my hours slip past me while I toil, all for the few weeks a year and the few years at the very end when I will be able to do what I really want…

Shouldn’t we be spending our whole lives doing what we really want??

Too Much to Think About

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During the middle of the night, my mind comes up with great topics for the A to Z blogging challenge posts.

Then in the morning for the life of me I can’t recall what it is that I was thinking about… augh. I need to stay up later and write. I work second shift and I don’t get out of bed until eleven or so anyway, I may as well make the most of it.

I get rather impulsive feelings from time to time. Ones that make me want to run away and join the circus. I have done that already. I kind of feel like I am ready to do that again.

The rush of the unknown excites me so much. I have a definite problem with commitment and an even more strained relationship with authority.

And really, I think I am just embracing the experience that is life. Is it wrong to go head on into my challenges, to question my status over and over again? Who just accepts things? I am sure that is admirable to some people. I know people who set upon a certain path and ride it out and watch it pay out like you wouldn’t believe.

I have gotten myself into quite a bit of trouble throwing caution to the wind and letting myself be carried into some very bad situations. That immature person no longer exists. I can think ahead, I will force myself to.

I won’t do it at the cost of the adventure that is life. It’s just so hard now because I want to choose stability now more than any time ever before.

Startin’ Up

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Well.  Wanderlust has got me in clenched in her hands again.

Last night I layed in bed and thought about the things I have learned since I have been “home.”

For one thing, anything that has happened in the past has been more my fault than anyone else’s. So…

That being said I have a responsibility to myself for my own future.

I need to stop, and think, and not go blindly into my own life.

I am taking steps today. They are big scary steps. But frankly I’m not afraid anymore.


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I have to the right to f*ck who I want, when I want, and for the reasons I want.

I have the right to make enough money to pay my rent, utilities, transportation costs, and healthy food. I have a right to a living wage. We should treat ourselves with dignity and not accept pitiful wages out of sheer desperation. This has to stop!

I have a right to free speech. I should not be arrested for speaking my mind.

I have a right to live without government being a burden to my everyday tasks.

I have a right to make art, create statements, feel things, and express them.

I have a right to disagree. I have a right to f-ing disagree.

I have a right to defend myself. I have a right not to be powerless. I have a right not to live in fear of either criminals or police.

I see a vision for a new America. I am going to find people who think like me, and then we are going to do something. We are going to VOTE! We are going to talk, and get in touch with everyone we can. We have rights. We have to defend them!  Peaceful change IS possible! We can do it together!

Quitting Time

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The clock is both my best friend and worst enemy while I am at work. It tells me when I can leave, which is honestly the best part of my day. It also tells me how much longer I have to stay, which is frankly depressing. I don’t know how much longer I am willing to spend eight hours of my day, five to six days a week, glancing at this object hoping for another ten minutes past. I dislike wishing my life away.

I work in a factory. At first I liked it. I have never worked in a factory before, and to be honest I always wondered what it would be like.

I like that it is very methodical. I like that we have rules that everyone must follow, no exception. I like that there is some degree of protection for the workers, and that no one has to put up with anyone who behaves too aggressively or is a bully just because they are “needed”… which was what my last job required.

I don’t like that there is a class system in place, with workers from the temp agency at the bottom, actual company employees in the middle, and members of the union at the top. I don’t like that management finds time to gossip about other employees. I don’t like that some people get away with taking long breaks and lunches and some people get in trouble for it. I don’t like that I make minimum wage for working so hard. I don’t like minimum wage, period.

Thinking about that, and everything else that has been going on in our country, I feel a revolution coming. I hope it’s coming. People are tired of being walked on. I am tired of watching rights that I taught were basic and essential to our way of living be stripped from us quietly in the name of protecting us from vague threats and even ourselves.

I am tired. Tired tired tired tired tired tired tired tired tired tired tired tired tired f-ing TIRED of this crap. I will not take this anymore.

We have rights. And it’s time that we defend them. We must stop being corn fed zombified factory workers who are conditioned to do shit work for shit pay that allows us to buy shit food that will only render us too fat, lazy, and unhealthy to stand up or even care when their civil liberties are robbed in the middle of the nights by crooks who use unfortunate events as alibis.

I’m finding a better job. I’m getting a better life. And I’m getting involved. It starts now.

People I Love

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I love people who share music videos on Facebook, which most often brighten my day.

I love people who love to cook yummy things. And I especially love when they share with me.

I love people who are kind. I love people who give to charity and who care about animals and children and others who cannot help themselves.

I love people who are helpful, and who do not hesitate to offer a hand to you.

I love people who want to share their works of creativity.

I love my family, even though I want to strangle them sometimes. They are the most challenging people in my life, and they are also the people who seem to teach me the most deep and important lessons.

I love my friends! They keep me sane! They are amazing people who are sent from god! My life has so much more meaning because I am blessed with the presence of my wonderful friends.

And I love me. Because I have to love myself in order to give love, right? And because I’m awesome. Aren’t you awesome?