A vital tool for the underachieving adult is the bicycle. Gas free and largely self maintainable, for those of us who are struggling, a bicycle is like a gift from God.

Cycling is also a major draw for those of us with eco related concerns. Grungy hippy types convene with mass bike ride such as critical mass to show their presence and force.

The bicycle also provides exercise, eliminating the need for a gym membership. My buying a car has been the major reason for my weight gain. I used to ride hours a day. Now my bike doesn’t even work. It’s hard to try and change my diet after being able to eat whatever I want and burn it off by necessity for years.

I really miss riding my bike all over the place. Here where it is more rural, there are tons of bike trails… I can’t wait to get a good mountain bike and hit the woods.

This A to Z challenge is hard! I am blogging every day, but of what quality! Augh!


2 thoughts on “Cycling

  1. Keep at it with A-Z! You’re doing great!!! 😀 I haven’t been on a bike since the 1980s!!! They say you never forget but I’m not so sure. Don’t get me started on my rant against Critical Mass. I hate them. Those of us trying to get home on public transportation did not appreciate the messes they caused in the financial district of San Francisco.

  2. Hmm, they to the Critical Mass in Chicago really late at night and they reroute all the buses and stuff, I’m glad because it sounds like a different situation than in San Fran. I don’t think you can forget how to ride a bike… part of me still wishes I rode everyday. Thanks for the comment!

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