Found a Cool New Church

So, I missed a post for the A to Z challenge, and since it’s Sunday, I’m going to go ahead and make it up… and I have something interesting to post about today!

Universal Unitarianism! I am thrilled to have found an appropriate place to express my love and belief in a greater power!

This is a place where everyone is welcome and all spiritual traditions are celebrated. Yes! The people there were so friendly and welcoming. We sang hymnals and listened to a sermon, there was music and ceremony, it was so beautiful. The day’s message was about being kind to yourself and kind to others. It made me cry! I left feeling recentered and recharged. It’s like I got to hit my reset button.

I haven’t read through all the materials they gave me yet, I’ve had a really busy day, spending time with my family at our local forest preserve. I never realized how much cool stuff there is in Kickapoo State Park. There is an old coal mine sight, rickety bridges, trails with tons of hills, and even some rock formations. It’s not exactly a redwood forest… but for the midwest I think it’s pretty cool.


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