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What is HAM? Why HAM means hard as a muthaf*ca of course.

For those of us who live life to the most, it could be a useful abbreviation to throw around.

You can see what the Urban Dictionary has to say about going HAM here.

I think the most proper usage of this abbreviation would be to saw “Ima bout to go HAM.”

You could follow that up with “on this b*tch” or “up in here” or you know, wherever the HAMming is about to go down.

I am so tired. I have been going HAM at life. I am trying my hardest to keep up with this A to Z challenge, but I am slipping. I’m not used to posting everyday. I am posting after work now instead of before, and since I work second shift and it’s usually after midnight when I finally make it here to write, I feel like I am a day behind. So tonight, I will write two entries so that I am ahead, and then, and then, yes. I will just be posting very, very early that day…


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