new painting 005

I wonder what it would be like to live in an igloo.

We have all seen TV specials, sure. I kind of really want to try it.

That and the yurt. I think I could totally pull off a yurt.

I gave my sweet heart some of my personal things to put on eBay today. This is both to make some money and to purge myself of them. Since I have been working full time he has taken over eBay almost entirely, but that is another story for another time.

I dream, very nearly non stop, of being able to pack my stuff up and just go. Just me and my sweetie in our station wagon, hoping from town to town and city to city, taking work where and when we can and following our hearts.

‘Course how are we gonna do that with a whole house full of stuff? Unlikely.

I want it down to roll up beds and toothbrushes. Maybe a good electric hair trimmer so we can just give each other buzz cuts and we won’t have to carry any hair related toiletries.

Don’t worry, I haven’t sold my hairbrush just yet. Just a leather coat and my Lady Gaga biography.


2 thoughts on “Igloo

  1. I think there are actual real ice hotels up north, in scandinavia. That would be cool (ha!) to try. And for living the simple life without so much stuff, yeah, that would be lovely.

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