Kite Flying

homer clock 005

“Go fly a kite,” I’m sure someone has said that to you. I wish I had a kite to fly today. Paying bills sucks. Being responsible sucks. I literally was broke approximately one hour after receiving my paycheck. But, I am pleased to say that it was I paid my bills, not because of any sort of toxin related binge.

It also doesn’t help that I make minimum wage. Well, and I messed up my tax forms. Turns out I can claim myself as a dependent. And only having one job counts for something? Wow. Crazy tax weirdness. It’s all so foreign to me. I do miss my all cash world. Another thing that sucks about my new responsible life is taxes.

So now I don’t even have money for a kite. I used to love flying kites, there is a special spot at Kickapoo grandpa would take me that I can’t wait to hit again. I was also obsessed with making kites, which I was never smart enough to figure out. My best kite was store bought, from a pharmacy that had a spectacular toy selection. It was triangular, and features a blue sky with a cloud, a rainbow, an eagle, and a kite. Yo dawg, I heard you like kites.


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