Light at the End of The Tunnel

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This has been a really tough week.

Living in a house where people are just so incompatible is frying everyone. We now all mostly stay in our rooms, much like how I remember home life being when I was a kid.

I enjoy where I work. However my paycheck makes me want to cry. I know there is advancement coming, but it’s going to take a while. It makes me wonder if I should look into a different job. Even working at a gas station I would make more hourly… but the problem is I don’t really want to work in a gas station. I mean, it would be okay… I just think the factory is cooler. I see more long term potential there. So then I need to be patient. It’s hard when I come home aching and I work so hard for so little money.

I am in “in between land” but there is hope. The fact that I am in “in between land” means that I am going somewhere. I am going to have a decent job, within a matter of a year I am sure I will be making a better wage. And within a matter of months I will have my own place that I am not sharing with people who annoy me. Right now I am developing/ redeveloping life skills that I have lost, like not drinking every night, and eating at home, and paying my bills instead of using the money to go out. I’m sure these are simple and easy things for many people, but not for all of us. Bad habits are very difficult to break, and I am doing it.

It’s like work camp rehab.


3 thoughts on “Light at the End of The Tunnel

  1. From one average human to another. Stick with it. It’s never easy to break our own worse habits, but you sound like a more than average determined kind of person.
    I wondered what it says about our psyches that we both chose to describe ourselves as average on our blogs. Good luck with the rest of the AtoZ and getting out of in between land!

  2. Your optimism really shines through in this post…”I am going somewhere.” Words we all need to remind ourselves of, sometimes! I’ve found your blog thanks to the A to Z Challenge, and am enjoying it immensely. So much so, that in order to help some of my readers find you as well, I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award in my post at You are free to accept or not, I just wanted my little corner of the world to know what has caught my eye lately. ☺

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