Monster Move Time



This photo is from our old apartment. I miss it, but there is no way that it was going to be long term.

While we barely have gotten most of our things to this location, and some of our things are in another location being stored (and a few of our things got left behind); we are now looking for yet another place to move more of our stuff to. Yay!

I am very excited about the next place. It’s going to be all ours. We won’t have to move from it for a very long time. We are going to pick it out. It’s going to be perfect.

Do you ever dream of just-the-right-place? I imagine it will be a little white house, out in the country. I think it will be far enough from everyone for us to play our music loud and not bother anyone.

We will have a big green fenced in yard. In the left far corner will be a garden where we will grow fat red tomatoes. There will be a little shed where my sweetie will go hide to work on his paintings.

In our kitchen we will have a big window over our sink. On the window we will have china dishes and tea cups displayed. There will be fresh herbs growing in little pots. We will have all sorts of veggies and spices.

The living room will be clean and sparse. Our walls will be white, and on them will be my sweetie’s colorful lively artwork. We will have light small furniture so I can easily clear it away and make room to meditate and do yoga. There will be lots of scented candles, and our house will always smell good, with scents that match the seasons; flowers in the spring, cotton in the summer, candy corn in the fall, evergreen in the winter.

The dining room will have all our eBay stuff organized and on shelves. We will have two desks in there so we can write and work on things. The desks will be old vintage desks with heavy chair made to work in. I will always play classical or piano music in that room, and hang plenty of wind chimes outside the windows.

And our bedroom will be so cozy. Books, blankets, pillows, pictures of family and happy memories.  And of course more scented candles.

I want to cook our own healthy vegetarian meals with no one complaining. I want to wake up really early and come in really late, having it peaceful.

I will burn incense all the time.

And when I’m lonely, there will be plenty of people just a short drive away. 🙂

It’s going to be a really nice summer.


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