Once, Courtesy of The Movie Brothers


Anyone remember that movie Once? I went to see it in the theatre. It was a nice movie. I think I even bought the soundtrack… then I sold it I’m sure.

I loved it because it was the story of two Underachievers. The setting is Dublin so of course it is very melancholy, it’s a perfect place for this sort of story to be set. It was about finding romance and creativity in ordinary lives.  It’s very sweet and it will make you cry. You should watch it.

If you want to read what it’s about before you watch it here is a link to the Wikipedia article. But I don’t recommend that. You should just watch it.



2 thoughts on “Once

  1. Loved this little film too, and the music in it, of course. I’d been a fan of Glen Hansard from when he played in The Frames. Their song “Revelate” is electrifying. Enjoy the second half of the Challenge!

  2. Wow, never heard of it and just checked it out on Rotten Tomatoes, 5 star rating, I definitely have to see it. Thanks for suggesting it 🙂

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