People I Love

ottowa starved rock 023

I love people who share music videos on Facebook, which most often brighten my day.

I love people who love to cook yummy things. And I especially love when they share with me.

I love people who are kind. I love people who give to charity and who care about animals and children and others who cannot help themselves.

I love people who are helpful, and who do not hesitate to offer a hand to you.

I love people who want to share their works of creativity.

I love my family, even though I want to strangle them sometimes. They are the most challenging people in my life, and they are also the people who seem to teach me the most deep and important lessons.

I love my friends! They keep me sane! They are amazing people who are sent from god! My life has so much more meaning because I am blessed with the presence of my wonderful friends.

And I love me. Because I have to love myself in order to give love, right? And because I’m awesome. Aren’t you awesome?


3 thoughts on “People I Love

  1. I love people who share their creativity too. And my friends…though they don’t keep me sane but go insane with me. Both are wonderful.

    Happy A to Z blogging.

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