Undecided, Indecisions

tip 005

I have some options here.

I can stay at my job in the factory, probably very slowly work my way up into a decent salary, benefits, etc.

I will have insurance and money to travel with, and vacation days to take.

My ducks will be in a row. My life will be planned out. I will be stable.


I can take the money I have now and use it to move somewhere else, somewhere the culture is more stimulating,

I can find a more fun, more exciting job,

and eventually I can become a bartender in the Florida Keys. 😀

Hey, one can always dream, right?

You are supposed to work hard first and then get your reward, but I don’t see the point of letting my hours slip past me while I toil, all for the few weeks a year and the few years at the very end when I will be able to do what I really want…

Shouldn’t we be spending our whole lives doing what we really want??


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