Spirit Animals

Daily Squee via icanhascheeseburger.com

Yesterday I found a teeny little baby bunny in my backyard. Squee!! I love bunnies. I had never seen one up close and had a chance to hold it before, it was truly a magical moment.

It is amazing how humans depend on other species of animals. Some of us eat them. Some of us wear them. I think the most amazing thing we can do with animals is learn from them spiritually.

Dogs, cats, and horses especially give us the unconditional love that is so hard to find in other humans. They also teach us responsibility through having to care for them ethically. Some humans take issue with other humans about how they treat their animals. Animals reflect back to us our attitudes as a society.

A friend of mine mentioned that her spirit animal is the fox. She explained all the reasons why, that the fox is independent and etc. I thought that was very cool. I have always been drawn to foxes. My sweetie and I recently saw a pair of foxes sitting in a meadow on one of our early morning drives. (I really gotta start taking pictures of this stuff…) It was a rare sight, and I feel blessed to have taken it in. Could my spirit animal be the fox? I like rabbits, dogs, and horses too…

I have been looking up spirit animal quizzes and tests on the web, and most of them are silly just for fun ones. I feel like it could be the fox because I loved foxes when I was growing up and I was always drawing pictures and cartoons of them. I feel a strong connection with rabbits too. They are some of my favorite pets, and that little bunny I found yesterday felt like a great omen.

Maybe it will reveal itself with some meditation.


Poverty Food Recipies

carrot salad 001

I am paying three months rent this month (augh!): one month at my current residence, one month to my new residence so I can GTFO of here, and another month to them in deposit. To say the least, that blows. So, I have NO money for food. That’s okay, I’m trying to lose weight anyway.

Yesterday for lunch I had an old favorite, ramen noodles soup with egg and corn. All you do is drop the egg into the soup toward the end of the cooking time, and mix in a can of corn. You can put pretty much anything you want in it, I prefer to add hot sauce to mine. This is a very cost effective and satisfying dish.

Today for lunch it came down to making something from the food that is left in the house. By “the food that is left” I mean the stuff that no one else seems to want to eat.

Poverty Carrot Salad

Four Shredded Carrots

Half a Small Package of Wasabi Almonds (Found in the car…), crushed

1/4 Cup of Canned Pineapple, (found in the fridge from last week I think?) diced

1 Tablespoon of Ranch (or anything you can find, sour cream or other kinds of dressing would work…)

Splash of Apple Cider Vinegar

Pepper to Taste

This was actually very tasty! It was something different, healthy, and I didn’t spend a dime on it. I wonder what I will come up with for dinner…

A to Z Blogging Fail, Tarot, and other Spiritual Concerns

books 001

I have not posted here in over a week. I haven’t journaled period. No writing anywhere of any kind!

This past week I shriveled up creatively. I curled up into a little ball and became afraid. I lost my voice. It was awful.

Unfortunately all this not-writing has lead my A to Z challenge work to suffer. Well, there is always next year, and at the very least I did make it into the back end of the alphabet. It was fun! I wrote some things that I definitely would not have had they not been prompted. I am going to do it again next year.

This blogger is feeling better now, thank goodness. I had a strong premonition a couple of weeks ago that turned my life upside down. Now that I am older I have learned to listen to these tiny little voices, because more often than not they are right. I’ve been getting pretty spiritual lately. It feels good. I need to. I have been reading my tarot cards almost every day as well as meditating in some shape or form. I love doing tarot. It’s not scary and evil, as some of us here in the midwest were brought up to believe. In fact the roots are in the Kabbalah. I have been using the Medieval Scapini Tarot deck, which is a beautiful deck created by an Italian painter that is evocative of the middle ages. The tones are earthy and calm, which is the kind of thing I need right now. The book I am using to look up the translations kind of sucks, so I have been referring to Biddy Tarot, which is a wonderful website for free card meanings.

I have been reading my cards often looking for insight of course. My living situation, as I have already mentioned, has gone from unsustainable to extremely toxic. This past week I have been waking up unnaturally early and going on apartment hunting rampages. To my relief I have found a cute old little two bedroom house on the outside of town. It needs some work, but the landlord is super cool. He’s letting us plant a garden out in the yard! I am thrilled. We have been reading about organic growing all day today.

While a house to ourselves and the prospect of home grown food is titillating, there is the terrible fact that we will be humping all of our stuff somewhere else… again! Augh. Well. At least we will have our peace of mind, and that is worth one too many moves in my opinion.