Spirit Animals

Daily Squee via icanhascheeseburger.com

Yesterday I found a teeny little baby bunny in my backyard. Squee!! I love bunnies. I had never seen one up close and had a chance to hold it before, it was truly a magical moment.

It is amazing how humans depend on other species of animals. Some of us eat them. Some of us wear them. I think the most amazing thing we can do with animals is learn from them spiritually.

Dogs, cats, and horses especially give us the unconditional love that is so hard to find in other humans. They also teach us responsibility through having to care for them ethically. Some humans take issue with other humans about how they treat their animals. Animals reflect back to us our attitudes as a society.

A friend of mine mentioned that her spirit animal is the fox. She explained all the reasons why, that the fox is independent and etc. I thought that was very cool. I have always been drawn to foxes. My sweetie and I recently saw a pair of foxes sitting in a meadow on one of our early morning drives. (I really gotta start taking pictures of this stuff…) It was a rare sight, and I feel blessed to have taken it in. Could my spirit animal be the fox? I like rabbits, dogs, and horses too…

I have been looking up spirit animal quizzes and tests on the web, and most of them are silly just for fun ones. I feel like it could be the fox because I loved foxes when I was growing up and I was always drawing pictures and cartoons of them. I feel a strong connection with rabbits too. They are some of my favorite pets, and that little bunny I found yesterday felt like a great omen.

Maybe it will reveal itself with some meditation.


4 thoughts on “Spirit Animals

  1. Aww, how cool to find a bunny in your yard! I’d be jealous if I hadn’t seen the neighborhood cat murdering a sparrow in my own yard today. As much as I’d love the experience you had, I’d hate to think of any baby bunnies in mortal danger in my back yard!

    1. I had those thoughts too… the grass is tall and we have to mow soon… I’m going to have to comb the yard. I hope that mama doesn’t have a nest there! We also have a schnauzer that hasn’t seen the bunnies yet, I’m hoping they don’t appear when she is in the yard and we are not!

      1. If the mama does have a nest, hopefully she was aware of the schnauzer situation before she made it, and took appropriate precautions to make herself and her babies inconspicuous!

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