Moving Trauma (Again)


I have not written in my blog in an age. This is mostly because I don’t have internet at home.

My sweetheart and I moved into a little house further out into what most people would consider no where. Sometimes people just aren’t meant to cohabitate, and this is specifically true of fully mature blood relatives. I am not one to suffer unreasonable behavior, so off on our own we went.

This year has been a lesson in life. I had been going along thinking that I was poor, that I didn’t have money to pay my bills, that I was living life on the lean. In truth I was not.

If we do not find gratitude in our lives for the things that we do have, it seems that they will be taken away from us.

I have been stripped of my usual crutches. I don’t have unfettered access to the web. I have to go to the library, where apparently people think that it is okay to talk on their cell phones and I don’t mean quietly.

We don’t buy cable access and typically rely on the small selection of channels we receive on antenna for our TV pleasure. Well, big surprise, in our area we get ONE television channel… ABC. Get ready for the Bachelorette everyone!

We have rented a beautiful (old delapitated) little house out in the country. It turns out that the “country” has even more bugs than the “city”. I did not forsee the yard and the basement and the walls of our country dream home being chocked full of every kind of little creepy crawly creature as well as the other creepy crawlies that eat them and then the creepy crawlies that eat the creepy crawlies that eat the creepy crawlies. Oh, and if you think the landlord is responsible for exterminating, think again. The lease states that we are responsible for all repairs and pest problems. Why did I sign that lease? I am really not too sure.

So maybe I should go get myself a nice cold beer from the fridge to numb it our and relax a bit. Negatory. I do not have a refridgerator. And I am responsible for supplying that for myself too.

So there it is, all the stuff that I do not have. I have my health. I have company, I am not alone. I do have a nice yard. It smells wonderful there. I have big beautiful trees in the yard. There are lots of lovely little birds who live in the trees (and in our gutters) and they sing pretty morning songs that never fail to put me in a good mood.

Because we don’t have a fridge we eat almost all of the food we buy. We rarely cook too much or overbuy it because we know we won’t be able to store it. Our menu has changed because we have to utilize different kinds of food and we are mixing up our diet and eating different things. It’s a nice change.

And I have access to a library that will let me use their internet, even though I do not have an ID issued in their city.  And while people here do not realize that it is increadibly rude to speak (not so quietly might I add) on their cell phones inside the library where people are trying to work… it is a nice library with lots of resources and high speed internet and air conditioning.

And I do have a job. We are barely scraping by, but we are getting by. I have peace when I get up in the morning and when I come home from work at night, and it makes life so much more bearable. Things will only get better because we are putting faith and effort and a good attitude into it.