No Better Time for Confusion Than Now

Am I the only person who is constantly rocked by indecision? Some of my friends say that my tendency towards going fickle on a decision is part of the reason that they love me so much… Of course it is always more entertaining to watch someone else struggle with life decisions, when it’s someone else making the questionable choices, anything they do is just part of their character and just makes them more interesting. I don’t want to be interesting! I want for my life to be in order!

I’ve spent the last few days, lying in bed, sicker than a dog. To my amazement, no one seemed to want to believe that I was actually sick. Hmm. I don’t pretend to be sick in order to play hooky, I’m just really not one of those people. In fact, I am usually the one giving others a hard time about it!

Karma, maybe, for being too suspicious or judgmental of friends and family who have taken off of work in the past. More than likely so. But it had me thinking that I needed to get myself a new life… I mean what am I supposed to think?

No, I’ve decided, to stick with the current plan, even though it seems like some of these people around me don’t trust me or see my good intentions.


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