While working on my novel this morning, I began drawing from my experiences as a french horn player in the school band. I chose to play french horn because the school provided it. My mom was never going to buy me a musical instrument, we were too poor. This is usually my train of thought: I didn’t get this or that, be it the attention I needed, the lessons I needed, I didn’t get to pick what I actually wanted to play because we were poor, blah, blah. Then I realized- my school had a band, and an orchestra! I got to play (albeit badly) in them. I was there, I did it. My grandfather did not even get to go to high school because his family was so poor, it was the great depression. Many schools today don’t have music programs because they can’t afford them. I am lucky!

It paradigm has shifted… I’m almost dizzy. I really need to stop taking my experiences for granted. I have blessings.


One thought on “Blessings!

  1. Thanks for your thoughts in the blog – it helped jolt me back to reality about the kinds of life most of us lead. For me things are running pretty well in recent years and you suddenly made me realise that I’m starting to lose touch. Keep going strong….

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